Recording an Album in a Party Bus

Setting yourself apart in the world of music really isn’t easy with all things having been considered and taken into account. The reason behind this is that there are countless other artists out there all of whom make some really good music, so if you think about it your success as a musician has more to do with how you go about marketing your material rather than the quality of the material itself. This might sound like a sad reality but at the end of the day it is indicative of the market that we are currently in and if your work is high in quality then it really doesn’t matter how you market it.

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Recording an album on a party bus is a rather crazy concept that could generate a lot of hype for your album. Not only would this album be amazing to listen to but the manner in which it was recorded would be notable as well. A los angeles party bus has plenty of space to set up a drum kit, keyboard, guitars as well as a desk on which a computer can be placed which would run the digital audio workstation the album would be getting recorded on.

There would even be a lot of room for microphones, and the wires can just connect all along the floor instead of getting in the way. This is a radical recording method but it’s one that is quite possible and if you go for it you could set yourself apart in a way that other musicians would only dream of being able to do which can lead to this being your big break into the industry and on your path to stardom.